Xin Wang

Xin Wang

Senior Researcher

Microsoft Research, Redmond

wanxin [at] microsoft [.] com

xinw [at] eecs [.] berkeley [.] edu

14820 NE 36th Street, Building 99,
Redmond, WA 98052

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I am a member of the Computer Vision Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond. My research interest lies at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning and more recently robotics. I like to design generalizable, robust and sample efficient learning systems for various applications in vision, autonomous driving and robotics. Previously, I was a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Trevor Darrell and Prof. Joseph E. Gonzalez in the BAIR Lab and RISE Lab.

I'm looking for motivated Ph.D. collaborators who are passionate about open world perception and embodied AI. Drop me an email if you are interested!

Recent News
07/2021: 2 papers accepted at ICCV 2021. congratulations to the coauthors!
05/2021: I started at Microsoft Research, Redmond!
11/2020: Selected as one of the rising stars in EECS 2020 by UC Berkeley.
08/2020: Co-orgnized the Women in Computer Vision (WiCV) workshop at ECCV 2020.
07/2020: Presented our paper on Frustratingly Simple Few-Shot Object Detection at ICML 2020. We find a simple fine-tuning approach can outperform all the previous meta learning appraoches for few-shot object detection.
07/2020: Co-organized the second Human in the Loop Learning (HILL) workshop at ICML 2020.
06/2020: Gave a keynote talk on Motion Understanding via Heterogenous Multitask Learning at the fifth BMTT MOT Challenge workshop at CVPR 2020.
06/2020: Presented our work on BDD100K, the largeset driving video dataset with a new benchmark of 10 heterogenous perception tasks, at CVPR 2020.
06/2020: Presented our work on ShapeProp, which utlizes an iterative message passsing method to propagate the saliency regions for semi-supervised instance segmentation, at CVPR 2020.
02/2020: Gave an invited talk at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrcken, Germany on Towards Human-Level Recognition and Generalization via Dynamic Representations.
University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Aug 2015 - Dec 2020
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Bachelor of Computer Science, IEEE Pilot Class
Sept 2011 - Jun 2015